Snowball App for Disability Reviews

Snowball have been active on Apple and Android for about 14 months and have had almost 40,000 reviews from people all over the UK and if you look on the app there will most likely be places from the Northants area already on the app.

Snowball won the Santander national award, last month won the Digital Tech award at the Disability Power 100 and their owner is named in the top ten as one of the most influential people in the UK.

Snowball is a free review platform, think TripAdvisor for the disabled community, you can add places, leave reviews and say if you will go back. It is there to help people with a disability to access the local community but also things like, days out, holidays, staycations, pubs, restaurants, town halls, blue badge car parking bays, accessible toilets, churches and more. 
Snowball are collecting massive amounts of data so that we can advise councils where access can be improved in their community. Here is one example. A number of volunteers spent a few hours leaving Snowball reviews of their towns, in this case Loughborough and Syston in Leicestershire. With the data collected we can advise on issues in the area regarding access, how to help business and things like housing, planning and other council services. 
Take a picture on your phone, add a place using the app and then leave a review on the Snowball app. The review does not need a lot of detail, it could just be a few sentences, things like, is their automatic door, a disabled accessible toilet, ramp access, it is the person own options on access. 
So, review the area so that Snowball can help one another create an equal and inclusive community. 
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