Be Vigilant against Vehicle Crimes

Over the past few days, unusually there has been an attempted break into a van in Rushton and a similar incident in Midland Cottages. We ask all parishioners to be vigilant not only for your own vehicles and homes but look out for your friends and neighbours too. We hope those affected recently get their property returned if any was taking and sincerely hope only minimal damage if any was caused.

  1. Always secure your vehicle. Do not leave it unattended with the engine running or keys clearly visible.
  2. Do not leave valuable items in your vehicle unattended or on display. This includes mobile phones, valued personal items, laptops etc.
  3. While it may be impractical for those carrying tools on occasions to remove everything from the van, please secure them and make them difficult to take away in a hurry.
  4. Remove portable satnavs. Suction marks on a windscreen may be an indication to a would be thief that one is present. The same for a few coins visible in a car. Hide them from view. You could end up paying £200 or more for a new window for the sake of £3 in loose change!
  5. For expensive or highly personal items, if possible have them marked for identification.
  6. If you are a blue badge holder, take it home with you when you’re not out and about.
  7. When parking at home, use the garage if you have one available or park near well-lit areas.
  8. If you’re unfortunate enough to have your registration plate stolen- you’re in the good company of more than 30,000 others on annual basis. As soon as you can, notify the police as plates are often used in other crimes.
  9. Secure all wheels with locking wheel nuts.
  10. Before leaving your parked vehicle, think about what it would be like if you were a thief and considering committing a vehicle crime. Think how easy it would be to steal your own property or anything within your vehicle.

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